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Jokes Volume 1

Ed: Can you go outside and see if it’s raining? Carol: Wouldn’t it be easier to call Justin in and see if he’s wet? Jasmin: Doc, I need help. Psychologist: What’s wrong? Jasmin: I think I’m a dog. Psychologist: Lie down on the couch and we’ll talk about it. Jasmin: I can’t. I’m not allowed on the furniture. What’s a goblin’s favorite game? Hide and go shriek. Langdon: I lost…

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Jokes Volume 2

Gina: I haven’t felt right since eating clams yesterday. Doctor: Did they look okay when you opened the shells? Gina: You’re supposed to open the shells? Why do skeletons do so well on tests? They always bone up on their studies. Carol: Do you carry pianos? Music Store Clerk: Not any more. I have a bad back. Jose: I’ve been seeing spots lately. Carlos: Have you seen an eye doctor?…