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I Met a Celebrity

My family went to Hollywood.
There were plenty of things to do
I decided on that trip
To make one of my dreams come true.

It was hot outside,
But I was looking cool,
Sitting in a chair
Right beside the pool.

I wanted to meet a big star.
It couldn’t hurt to try.
I’d give that star my best smile
And charmingly say, “Hi.”

Maybe the star would like me.
I’d become that star’s best friend.
We’d go on star adventures.
The fun would never end.

We might travel by limo
Or fly in a private jet.
Maybe we’d sail on a yacht.
That would be better yet.

Don’t bother to fuel the jet
Or look for the limo keys.
I did meet a star by the pool
That star was Chuck E. Cheese.

Bruce Larkin