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Where’s Maliyah?

Hey, where’s Maliyah?
I wonder where she’s at?
Maybe she’s in the yard
Playing with the cat.

I know where she might be.
She might be in the pool.
On a hot, summer day,
That’s how she stays cool.

Maybe she’s with Jaylynne
Visiting the zoo,
Looking at the hippos
And the monkeys, too.

Is dad getting her a treat
At the ice cream store?
When she’s done, she’ll laugh
And surely ask for more.

Maybe mom and Maliyah
Are shopping at the mall.
Maliyah doesn’t want one toy.
She’d like to have them all.

Look, there she is!
She was here after all.
Maliyah’s in her room
Playing with a ball.

Bruce Larkin