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Two Sisters Talking

While one sister talks,
The other will chatter.
What are they saying?
Does it really matter?

No topic for them is so small
That they have nothing to say.
They’ll debate something all night,
Then discuss it the whole next day.

School, homework, TV shows,
Food, clothes, bothersome boys,
Hot or cold, the weather, of course,
Computer games, and wished-for toys.

Did you see so and so last night?
Who likes what and who doesn’t?
I would die for those shoes!
Were you there? No, I wasn’t.

This year’s going so slow.
I hope I get invited there.
I’ll never talk to her again.
Oh, my gosh! I love your hair!
I never would have done that.
No, I’m sure you wouldn’t.
I told dad I wanted to go,
But mom said I couldn’t.

My sisters are in the recipe,
If you ever want to make,
A totally bored brother
With an oversized headache!

Bruce Larkin