Posted on: September 11, 2012 Posted by: bruce Comments: 0

The Town of Goodfood

I’ll be your guide in Goodfood.
I’ll show you all around.
Folks looking for delicious food
Know here is where it’s found.

If you’re looking for creamed camel,
I can tell you where to go.
There’s another place I really like;
They have great iguana gumbo.

If you’re not very hungry,
Here’s what you should do:
Stop by the cricketarium
For a cup of cricket stew.

Some snicker at our food.
I can’t understand why.
We only eat tasty stuff;
For example, fresh fried fly.

There’s strange food in this world,
On that we can agree.
Go to our weird food museum;
It’s amazing what you’ll see.

There are hot dogs, pizza, burgers,
And a jar of marshmallow fluff.
Wouldn’t it make you sick
To have to eat that stuff?

Bruce Larkin