Posted on: September 11, 2012 Posted by: bruce Comments: 0

My Zombie Week

There’s not so much spring in my step
As there used to be before.
I’ll sometimes answer the window
When people knock at the door.

Humans seem to avoid me now.
Cats and dogs run away.
An old lady screamed and fainted
When she saw me yesterday.

Dad had warned me before
To control my curiosity.
When I heard about a spooky house,
That was something I just had to see.

I’d say my problems started
When I snuck into the witch’s house.
Witches must have good ears.
I made less noise than a mouse.

She whirled around when she heard me,
And let out a ghastly shriek.
She mumbled some words and cackled,
“You’ll be a zombie for a week.”

Mom’s making me stay in my room.
She says I scare her friends.
My witch curiosity will be cured
When my zombie week ends.

Bruce Larkin