Posted on: February 18, 2013 Posted by: bruce Comments: 0

It’s Raining What?


It’s raining cats and dogs,
At least that’s what they say.
When rain pours down like this,
We can’t go out and play.

Why do they say dogs and cats?
Does it never rain other things?
I’d love to be showered with silver
Or drenched in diamond rings.

A downpour of kittens and poodles,
I’ll admit is kind of cool.
But a storm of tigers and noodles
Would surely shut down our school.
I’m almost always hungry,
Looking for tasty food.
Rain some chicken upon me,
Preferably barbequed.

Why doesn’t it rain candy?
I’d cheer for every drop.
Right now it’s raining water.
I wish this rain would stop!

Bruce Larkin